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Mandate to Be Great: The 5 Traits of Techno-Resilient People and Organizations

In this presentation, Dr. Graham will share research-based insights on how the organizations he studied were able to do more with less, and overcome as opposed to being overcome by technology. He will specifically address some of the bereavement sector's 'pain points' based on the information gathered during the focus group session held with OACFP members.

This webinar will feature Dr. Rob Graham

Techno-Resiliency™ founder and esteemed author, Dr. Rob Graham empowers business and educational leaders to thrive as technology-enhanced workplaces. While gaining his Ph.D. in e-Research & Technology Enhanced Learning from the world-ranked Lancaster University in the U.K., Dr. Rob developed an award-winning, research-based theoretical lens. To date, his teachings and principles have lead to global interest and the sale of thousands of copies of his Springer-published book, Techno-Resiliency In Education.

As a former Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education of Nipissing University and Information Technology & Special Education teacher in the public school system, Dr. Graham brings the highest level of experience to his innovative work in Techno-Resiliency™. His approach to educating and supporting organizations and academic communities is steeped in practical, lived experience and spun into an impassioned, energetic delivery. As one witnesses his actions to enable organizational and community capacity for those with a personal and professional mandate to be great, it becomes clear why Dr. Rob is the “Techno-Resiliency™ Titan.”



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