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Looking Back to Leap Forward

It is common to look to our past when planning for the future. However, do you dwell on mistakes or choose to focus on lessons learned? It can be problematic when we allow our past to define who we are and limit our ability to achieve success. Instead, we need to embrace our past and lean into our future so that we can leap forward. This will help you to define your purpose, harness your power and boost your effectiveness. In this keynote, we will explore four ways to maximize your potential so that you create the story you want to tell about yourself. 


This webinar features Siobhan Calderbank

Siobhan Calderbank is a dynamic speaker, an award-winning published author, and an expert in change management and leadership. She has spoken to diverse groups at conferences, events, seminars, and planning sessions to motivate individuals to work more collaboratively. She is a creative, energetic, results-driven speaker with a well-earned reputation for motivating and inspiring client groups.
She offers a unique proprietary 4-step approach to leading change that bridges the generational differences in change and leadership. She has aided teams to develop innovative solutions to achieve their strategic objectives, grow their organization's market share, improve efficiency, increase profitability and enhance culture through engagement.
Siobhan's many years of experience enabled her to fuse together her love of teaching and her passion for change management to become a sought-after speaker that inspires professionals and business leaders to improve performance outcomes.
Siobhan has been praised for her high energy, engaging and effective communication style and award-winning programs. She has completed her Master's degree at Royal Roads University, with a focus on organizational change, leadership development and generational diversity.

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