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The Why Behind EDI

Navigating diversity and inclusion issues has always been complex and multifaceted but, in this past year, this area has become increasingly critical and challenging for workplaces.  Recent social movements activity and awareness of high-profile cases have emboldened employees, clients and members of the public to call out organizations for inequitable and discriminatory treatment, being silent on diversity and inclusion issues, condoning misconduct, and/or making public statements that are not reflective of the organization’s record when it comes to diversity and inclusion.  Given that organizations are facing more scrutiny than ever before with respect to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, understanding obligations and ensuring expectations have been clearly communicated to employees, clients, and relevant stakeholders are more important than ever before.    

This webinar features Laura Williams

Lawyer, Speaker, HR Business Consultant, Workplace Investigator, Thought Leader, Corporate Trainer, Instructor, Podcaster
Founder and Principal, Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting Inc.

Laura has built two highly respected firms which respectively provide proactive HR law and HR consulting advice designed to minimize workplace law challenges, maximize employee engagement and boost bottom-line performance.

Laura is also a seasoned workplace investigator, routinely engaged to conduct complex workplace investigations, and is recognized for specific expertise in investigations related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

As a professional speaker, Laura regularly delivers keynote talks on topics relevant to entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals and lawyers. Laura has recently launched a podcast for business leaders and HR Professionals called, We Thrive Forward – Conversations with Laura Williams which is available on all major platforms.

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