Creating a Climate of Ethical Choices in the Bereavement Profession - Session 7

Putting it all together: Creating an Ethical Business Action Plan

Session Overview:

How do I actively create a climate of ethical behaviour and practices in my workplace? How can I demonstrate the importance of ethics as a leader in my industry and bring everyone in my workplace up to the level of being consciously ethical? In this session we will discuss creating an action plan for individuals and for businesses, that will include how to write a personal or professional code of ethics, achieving buy-in from colleagues and employees, incorporating ethical resolution strategies and maintaining a consciously ethical culture.

Carey Smith
Jane Ann has written two Professional Ethics Textbooks, The Right Choice: Making Ethical Decisions on the Job and Ethics in Action: Making Ethical Decisions in Your Daily Life used in colleges across Canada. She has taught professional ethics at the college level for over a decade, as well as teaching corporate ethics through Conestoga College's corporate training department for many years. She has spoken and offered workshops at numerous conferences across North America and Internationally as well as offering hands-on workshops. Jane Ann has her degree in Adult Education, as well as a B.A. and M.A. in English and Communications.