Creating a Climate of Ethical Choices in the Bereavement Profession - Session 6

Resolving Ethical issues – Part 2

Session Overview:

What do I do if there is no one right course of action? If I genuinely don’t know what the ethical thing to do in this situation is? Whatever I do, someone will be harmed, or some important principle will be broken. How do I know what the best course of action is when there is no perfect answer? In this section we will discuss how to find the most right or least wrong action, and how to come up with a solution to an ethical dilemma that you can live with and can justify. A step-by-step resolution model will be demonstrated using examples taken from the bereavement sector.

Carey Smith
Jane Ann has written two Professional Ethics Textbooks, The Right Choice: Making Ethical Decisions on the Job and Ethics in Action: Making Ethical Decisions in Your Daily Life used in colleges across Canada. She has taught professional ethics at the college level for over a decade, as well as teaching corporate ethics through Conestoga College's corporate training department for many years. She has spoken and offered workshops at numerous conferences across North America and Internationally as well as offering hands-on workshops. Jane Ann has her degree in Adult Education, as well as a B.A. and M.A. in English and Communications.