This course was created to assist and guide an embalmer with hair restoration on human remains.  This course was created by an experienced wig maker, make-up artist and educator and was developed specifically for the funeral service profession.  The knowledge gained in this course will increase the embalmer’s skills to a whole new level, thereby contributing in making the viewing experience much more positive for bereaved families.  This course will cover the tools, terms, and techniques to hand-laying hair for restoration on the deceased. The types of hair used and the preparation of the hair before hand-laying will be covered. The leaner will acquire knowledge about hair direction and the process for matching current hair texture, length and style. You will also learn how to utilize photographs of the deceased as reference pictures when performing hair restoration. This course will guide you in creating a full moustache, sideburns, eyebrows and filling in sections of a beard. The course is delivered in a written document and supplemented with numerous images, photographs and instructional video presentations.  (A strong wired internet connection is highly recommended when completing this on-line course due to the streaming of the video content.)