What does “OACFP” stand for?

OACFP stands for the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals.

What is the vision of the OACFP?

The Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals will be the pre-eminent source of information and education; for our members, who represent all sectors of the bereavement profession; to government, and by way of its members, Ontario’s consumers.

What is the mission of the OACFP?

To unify our members in the pursuit of fulfilling the commemorative needs of the public. We are a membership driven association focused on providing value through education, professional development and innovation.

What are the objectives of the OACFP?

The OACFP has 3 primary objectives;

  1. To seek, by mutual interchange of ideas and the study of burial, cremations, funeral practices and consumer trends, the highest standards of service to the families we serve.
  2. To promote the operation of member facilities for the dignified commemoration of the deceased.
  3. To foster innovation and encourage legislation as may be necessary for the bereavement profession consistent with the highest ethical standards.

Does the OACFP have an annual conference?

Yes, the OACFP has an annual conference and supplier expo.  This annual conference is held in October and the location will vary from year to year.  By attending this educational conference you can expect to learn from professional speakers who will educate you on today’s consumer, changing industry trends, new maintenance techniques, and modern business practices.

Does the OACFP have any other education programs?

Yes, education is the backbone and focal point of the OACFP.  We endeavor to organize many educational programs throughout the province each year.  The following is a list of what you can expect;

  • Crematorium Operators program.
  • Monument Conservation & Safety training.
  • Front line Cemetery Operators training.
  • Funeral & Cemetery sales training program.
  • Funeral Home Operations and Administration
  • Mausoleum training program.

Does the OACFP provide any online education?

Yes, we recognize how difficult it can be to schedule valuable training into your busy day.  We are very proud to offer a series of educational webinars that can be attended directly from the comfort of your office.  We provide at least 6 webinars per year and each webinar is about 1 hour long.  The BAO has also allowed each of our webinars to count towards the annual education credits required for licensed funeral directors.

Are the webinars free of charge?

Yes, the webinars are free for all membership categories.  Even affiliate or student members can qualify for educational credits by attending the webinars.

Does the OACFP have a government relations committee?

Yes, in addition to education, developing strong government relations is one of our fundamental goals.  Our government relations committee is well respected and serves as a resource to the Ontario government and in particular, the BAO.

Does the OACFP have a strong voice in legislation governing the death care industry?

Yes, since the OACFP is the only Ontario association that is open to all bereavement professionals our unified voice has influence when dealing with the various government agencies.  We work hard to encourage legislation necessary for the betterment of the sector.

Will being a member help me gain access to industry suppliers?

Yes, our trade shows allow our supplier members to showcase new and innovative products and services.  There is no other Ontario association that brings together so many suppliers for your benefit.  Additionally, we regularly spotlight new products and services through our electronic newsletter and various social media platforms.

Will being a member provide me with an opportunity to network with other professionals like me?

Yes, since the OACFP is a totally inclusive association our members are representative of all forms of business in the sector.  With almost 400 members we represent everyone from the small independent funeral home and volunteer run cemetery to larger corporate entities.  So if you are interested in sharing information with similar sized organizations you will have plenty of opportunity. Your name will also be listed in the OACFP website membership directory providing you access to the combined skills and knowledge of fellow members.

Are there any other benefits to becoming a member?

Yes, members also receive discounts from a variety of participants in our affiliate program.

Is it worth becoming an affiliate or student member?

Yes, in addition to the many benefits already mentioned, including the opportunity for education credits, affiliate and student members will receive regular notifications of employment opportunities throughout the sector.

What does it cost to become a member?

The OACFP is the least expensive association representing the bereavement sector in Ontario.  The cost for membership differs between the various membership categories.  Please consult our rate card or go online to:   www.oacfp.com/site/member/apply

How do I become a member?

All you have to do is complete the application form and pay the related dues.  It can all be done online, in one easy step, by visiting: www.oacfp.com/site/member/apply