For Bereavement Professionals

The OACFP is the only association in Ontario that counts among its members all sectors of bereavement professionals in the province. Our members represent Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, Crematoriums, Transfer Services and industry suppliers from across the province and throughout the world.

The OACFP offers a wealth of resources for the bereavement professional and we pride ourselves on being ” A Unified Association of Bereavement Sector Professionals Providing a Support Network of Education and Resources.”


As part of the research project, “Understanding the Canadian Way of Death by advancing and strengthening innovations in services, rituals and human resources in Ontario's post COVID-19 Bereavement Sector.”, we’re inviting you to take part in a 15-minute survey to get to know your experience as a bereavement professional through the pandemic. 

Findings will be used to design a bilingual toolkit to support bereavement professionals navigating emerging challenges caused by the pandemic. Globally, we hope that this project will help improve services to bereaved families, adapt teaching curricula, support the mental health of funeral service professionals, and improve staff retention within the bereavement sector. 

Fill out the anonymous online survey here. This will only take 15 minutes. If the hyperlink doesn’t work, try this link: